Product Portfolio

The Britannia Mounts range of products has been neatly divided into simple product types. Each product type lists a number of sub-categories, which when opened will lead to the colour, size and quantity options as well as technical detail and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Placing an order

Our friendly and effcient sales team can take your orders and answer any questions you may have. Your can either order by phone on the following numbers:-

  • sales telephone: 0800 0684844
  • international sales: +44 1484 668990
  • sales fax: 01484 662222
  • international fax: +44 1484 662222

Or contact us via email:-


Minimum orders and Delivery

Our minimum order is £30 except Tru Vue which depends on location, so please enquire. Picturemounts also carries a 10 off minimum (or the units per sheet whichever is the greatest)

Our minimum carriage (UK mainland excluding Highlands) free order is as follows:

Corri Cor - £75.00
Crescent Mountboard and Backing Boards/Britbacks - £125.00
Crescent Image Clear - Prices on application
Tru Vue - Prices on application
All other products - £200

For order less than these amounts, carriage is charged according to weight, with a minimum charge of £12.50. Our standard carriage service is 2-3 days for pallets & next day for packaged products.

Orders for stock items will be despatched the next working day after receipt, or the same day where possible. Orders for custom cut products (such as custom cut mounts and backing boards) are subject to a lead-time, typically 5-7 working days. Please contact us for a specific lead-time if required.


Britannia Mounts and Quality/Standards

Picture Framers can buy all our products directly from Britannia Mounts or via. one of our nationwide and international distributors. Please enquire for an up to date distributor list.

The Fine Art Trade Guild sets and maintains industry standards and represents the art and framing industry globally. It is based in London, UK.

The FATG first introduced five standards of framing to provide a consistent benchmark for the industry and a point of comparison for customers choosing the best framing solutions for their pictures across the industry.

Britannia and other key UK manufacturers work together in close consultation with the FATG to set the standards for mountboard. All the products we sell are clearly identified with the level of framing that they can be used for. Each product meets or surpasses the required standard.


Backing Boards

Most picture frame backs are in direct contact with the artwork and the art can begin to show signs of ageing and acid spotting if cheap acidic backing boards, greyboards and MDF are used. The Corri-Cor range of backing boards sold exclusively by Britannia Mounts and it's distributors is an acid free board designed specifically for picture framing and is available in a number of different qualities including archival.


Picture Framing Glass

Just as we need to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of the sun, so more precious and sentimentally valuable artwork needs UV Protection to protect it from fading, discolouration and turning brittle. Britannia Conservation glass that incorporates UV Protection really is like using sunscreen for your artwork.

Unlike UV blocking glass, which is all about protecting the art, the Light Transmission and Light Reflection of glass enhances the aesthetics of the art. Glass with a high Light Transmission value helps the 'good light' reach the artwork, so your customer can see their art more clearly. Glass with a low Light Reflection helps ensure that your customer sees the art rather than their own reflection in the glass!


Crescent tapes

There has been a lot of debate about tapes in recent years, but using poor quality tapes and adhesives can leave much more than a sticky mess. To ensure a longer lasting framing solution for your customers you need to choose tapes and adhesives that are pH neutral and acid-free, just like all the products in the new Crescent Tapes & Adhesives range.

Water reversible tapes (gummed tapes) should be your first choice for Conservation and Museum level framing. That's because they can be easily removed with water. Pressure applied tapes (self-stick tapes) are ideal when you are working with non-valuable artwork or art that is sensitive to water-based adhesives, as they are simply removed using mineral spirits.